Voxengo has launched its custom drum track recording service, offering custom drum tracks played by an experienced drummer and recorded in the Voxengo recording studio.

Voxengo Custom Drum Track Recording Service

First of all, nothing in computer world can replace a real human drummer feel. Secondly, a realistic drum sound cannot be reproduced by a drum sampler since a drum set “sounds” as a single complex acoustical instrument: this makes it impossible to recreate such sound by means of discrete sampled drum hits. Thirdly, organizing drum recording on your own is usually expensive.

We are doing all this in our service, but since the process is streamlined the cost can be kept reasonably low. Beside that we produce a finalized stereo drum mix which can be used instantly, with or without additional processing (e.g. equalizing, multi-band dynamics); individual drum tracks are also provided.

Voxengo custom drum tracks will be produced in 5 days, for a price of 109.95 USD per song. Several free-form drumming examples are available for listening to an idea of what you can expect from the service, and previously completed custom drum tracks are also available for evaluation.

More information: Voxengo / Custom Drum Track Recording Service