Voxengo’s automated group buy system has launched promotions for the Drumformer multiband drum track processor, CurveEQ spline equalizer and Elephant mastering limiter effect plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

Voxengo CurveEQ

Save up to 50% on the CurveEQ mastering equalizer effect plug-in.

Voxengo group buys

  • Drumformer—Multiband drum and master track dynamics processing plug-in. Drumformer was designed to be a comprehensive solution for the broadest range of sound processing tasks, allowing you to easily implement almost any dynamics processing idea you may have.
  • CurveEQ—Spline equalizer plug-in. CurveEQ shows you the actual filter response you are designing by means of a spline (a smooth curvy line), so you can actually see what the EQ is doing with the sound. This, in turn, allows you to get the best from your mix and your tracks. CurveEQ perfectly suits the needs of mastering.
  • Elephant—Mastering limiter plug-in. The most remarkable feature of this signal limiter is its sonic transparency. Elephant brings sound limiting and loudness maximization without audible “pumping” sonic artifacts.

The group buy voting stage ends July 17th, 2013.

More information: Voxengo / Group Buys