Voxengo has released an update to the PrimeEQ parametric equalizer plugin for Windows and Mac.

Version 1.4 of the EQ designed to be the first equalizer to reach for when track or mix equalization is necessary includes various new features and improvements.

PrimeEQ implements an extremely optimized user interface. It features an innovative “differential” display which shows you how exactly a given selected filter contributes to the overall EQ shape. All control points are placed on the overall EQ shape making the workflow with this equalizer fast and efficient. PrimeEQ is similar to CurveEQ in this respect except that PrimeEQ uses independent parametric filters instead of a continuous EQ curve.

Changes in PrimeEQ v1.4

  • Added Apple Silicon native compatibility.
  • Added 1/48 octave spectrum smoothing option.
  • Improved spectrum smoothing precision.
  • Redesigned the interface to provide the widest EQ and spectrum view possible.
  • Added the “OutGain” parameter automation.
  • Added the preset list sorting function to the preset manager.
  • Redesigned the knob image.
  • Extended the “Color Editor” with color modifiers.
  • Added the “Gray Blue” and “Navy” color schemes.
  • Implemented “anti-aliased” line drawing optimization.
  • Improved readability of the condensed font.
  • Added AudioComponents interface to AudioUnit as the “.rsrc” interface may be deprecated in the future.

PrimeEQ is available from Voxengo and Plugin Boutique, priced $49 USD.

Note that this version has a new product key format, which means that existing users will need to get a new key at the Voxengo User Area or use the Automatic key download feature of the plugin itself to update to the latest version.