Voxengo has updated its a professional sample rate converter r8brain PRO, a software tool designed to deliver an unprecedented sample rate conversion (SRC) quality.

Voxengo r8brain PRO

r8brain PRO is a professional sample rate converter tool software designed to deliver an unprecedented sample rate conversion (SRC) quality.

Unlike other existing SRC algorithms available on the market, r8brain PRO implements sample rate conversion processing in its full potential: interpolation and decimation steps without exploiting any kind of simplifications; the signal is resampled in a multi-step manner using a series of least common multiple sample rates which makes conversion perfect – both in signal-to-noise and timing precision aspects.

Such whole number-factored SRC can be considered a golden standard in sample rate conversion as it is not subject to jitter and timing errors.

Changes in r8brain PRO v2.0

  • 64-bit Windows application release.
  • Faster conversion speed.
  • 64-bit floating point at all stages.
  • Optional “Fast” conversion algorithm.
  • Selectable filter steepness (bandwidth).
  • 352800 and 384000 sample rates.
  • Multi-threaded batch processing.
  • Application shortcut drag-and-drop support.
  • Cue Markers support.
  • RF64 format support (above 2GB file support).
  • Wave64 format support (on input only).
  • Resizable user interface.
  • User interface color schemes.

r8brain PRO is available for Windows 64-bit computers, priced at $119.95 USD. Owner of a previous version can get upgrade at a discount.

More information: Voxengo