Voxengo has updated its VariSaturator audio effect plug-in designed to apply saturation and overdrive effects to audio material to version 1.10.

VariSaturator is an audio effect plug-in designed to apply saturation effects over audio material. It can be used both to boost the loudness of the audio tracks, and to apply subtle or strong harmonic coloration. VariSaturator features two saturation modules which are applied in sequence, in two-band mode each, and implements a wet/dry mix parameter thus offering a comprehensive control over saturation characteristic.

Voxengo VariSaturator

Voxengo’s VariSaturator injects character to your audio tracks.

Changes in VariSaturator v1.10

  • Plug-in’s popup-windows now recover last position after reopening.
  • The “Min Infrastructure” user interface display mode added.
  • The “Flat Level Meters” level meter display mode added.
  • Post-output gain “Sat” saturation switch added.
  • Native 64-bit AudioUnit and VST support on Mac OS X added.
  • Fixed user interface freezing on Mac OS X 10.8.

VariSaturator for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available to purchase for $49.95 USD.

Through August 2012, a 15% discount is applied as part of Voxengo’s Summer Sale.

More information: Voxengo / VariSaturator