Vengeance Sound has released version 1.2.6 of the VPS Avenger synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac, offering new features, improvements and bug fixes.

There is nothing VPS Avenger can’t do, it offers you tons of features and a gigantic growing library from some of the best sound designers on this planet.

VPS Avenger SatYa skin

The image above shows the Chrono_Jade skin by SatYa.

Changes in VPS Avenger v1.2.6

  • OSC formant mode Crossfade, very handy for wavetables where the waveform does not start with a zero-crossing.
  • Preset FAV. TAG & SEARCH for presets.
  • Roll/flam modes pattern to drum kit sequencer.
  • Line mode for FFT-Harmonic & FFT Bin (use ALT key on mouse click).
  • TOOL-TIP for Granular-Rang start/end locators.
  • Audio preview for shapes, freeform and wavetables to the sound browser.
  • Osc-pitch-keytrack modsource.
  • Current BPM to Stats Display.
  • More voice-limit options.
  • More master gain options.
  • Own format for user-skin files, so developers are not forced to release their source-images.
  • Multisample converter for SFZ files. (WAV and AIF samples are supported).
  • Sound-preview handles sample loop.
  • More modulation-display in numeric/text box views. (i.e. OSC gain displays current modulated value).
  • New COMB Filter.
  • Fixed: A crash on NPOINT envelope if loop-end is too close to its left neighbor.
  • Fixed: Loop-enable button is always “ON” after loading a preset that contains a user-sample.
  • Fixed: WaveTable/Granular Sample overlay logic issue.
  • Fixed: Drum Slot Lock state will be reset in Initialize/Preset load.
  • Fixed: Zones-Page ModMatrix KEYTRACK Slot label was not visible in other zoom modes than 100%.
  • Fixed: Issue with loading “Sustain Release Jump” Envelope mode when loading a preset.
  • Fixed: Issue with “Default Settings” on Mod envelope browser did not load a customized “Default Preset”.
  • Fixed: Npoint envelope sustain jump mode can cause strange behavior on specific circumstances.
  • Fixed: A problem with drum kits and locked slots where the locked samples was replaced on save/reload.
  • Fixed: Adjusted size for the “X” on Dial-Mod controller.
  • Fixed: Adjusted font size of i.e. ModEnvelope Trigger Mode context for labels “GLOBAL” & “PER VOICE”.
  • Fixed: An issue with sample stacker and exclude start offset for a slot.

VPS Avenger (VST/AU/AAX) is available from Plugin Boutique for £173 GBP/195 EUR. An exclusive VPS Avenger+ Bundle is also available, which includes a detailed course on how to get the most from the immense instrument and master the tools within, as well as 3 expansion packs from Loopmasters, Producertech and Plugin Boutique.

More information: Vengeance Sound / VPS Avenger