Vienna Symphonic Library has released SYNCHRON-ized Dimension Strings III “Sul tasto”, a new virtual string instrument featuring the sounds of 5 string ensembles.

VSL Synchron Dimension Strings III Synchron Player

This Collection features five string ensembles that were exclusively played “sul tasto”. This special playing technique is characterized by placing the bow near the fingerboard, resulting in a lack of (even) harmonics and a very soft, breathy timbre, similar to that of a flute playing in pianissimo. The sul tasto articulations include staccato, détaché, sustain, tremolo, tremolo with fast attack, slow tremolo, sforzato, legato, portamento, legato repetitions and spiccato repetitions.

The Synchron Player’s ability to gradually increase the number of players opens all-new possibilities for starting your arrangements “dal niente” (from nothing), or to fade out a note to little more than a bare whisper (“al niente”). By adding the ambience of Synchron Stage Vienna to the relatively dry samples in real-time, SYNCHRON-ized Dimension Strings III perfectly blends with every other product in the Synchron Series, resulting in a beautiful, production-ready sound “out of the box”.

SYNCHRON-ized Dimension Strings III comes with the free Vienna Synchron Player. It is available for the intro price of 295 EUR (regular 395 EUR). Vienna Dimension Strings III is also available as VI Series Libraries, powered by the Vienna Instruments and Vienna Instruments Pro players.

SYNCHRON-ized Dimension Strings I and II are also on sale. These re-edited and extended versions of the popular Vienna Dimension Strings I & II Collections are optimized for the Synchron Player. All new samples and improvements are also available as free Library Updates for existing users of Vienna Dimension Strings I and II.

Various crossgrades are available.

More information: Vienna Symphonic Library