VST Buzz has announced a sale on Indi Glock, a raw and unique sounding glockenspiel Kontakt instrument library by Bad Cat Samples.

The Indi Glock is a fantastically well recorded glockenspiel library that is perfect for almost all music styles. In its defult setting, the instrument sounds raw, enchanting and would sound great in an underscore or orchestral piece. However, with adjustable attack, release and two separted muted and unmuted patches, the instrument can be transformed into something that sounds more like a glass harmonica or analogue synth!

Combined with in-built convolution reverb with a customised impulse response and adjustable stereo width, the Indi Glock is a versatile and truley unique sounding instrument that’ll stand out in your productions.

Indi Glock features

  • 500MB of beautifully recorded samples.
  • 2 different sets of samples for sustain & muted patch.
  • 5 velocity layers and 4 round robins.
  • Built in reverb with a custom impulse response.
  • Control over attack, release & stereo width.
  • Suitable for a wide range of different music styles, such as pop, electronic, ambient, underscore and orchestral.

The library is available for purchase from VST Buzz for £6.90 GBP until November 18th, 2014 (50% off regular).

More information: VST Buzz