VST Buzz has released the Cymbal Rolls sample library, a collection of cymbal rolls engineered and recorded by sound designer Rick Allen in collaboration with percussionist Jon Mattox.

Cymbal Rolls is a huge collection of rolls performed at a variety of speeds on a selection of cymbals, ranging in size from 14″ all the way up 28″.

A range of mallets were used to perform rolls of varying intensity, making this the perfect collection of cymbal rolls for composers and producers.

Cymbal Rolls features

  • Standalone .Wav files included.
  • Recorded in high end 24 bit / 96k for crystal clarity on ProTools through Apogee AD16X converters.
  • Room mics used: Roswell Audio K47’s through UA4410 Pre.
  • Close mics used: JZ Microphones BT-201’s through UA4410 pre, X/Y mics: Schoeps CMC6’s with MK4 capsules through API3124+ pre, Earthworks MC30 reference mic under cymbal through API3124+ pre.
  • Full retail version of Kontakt or higher required – not compatible with Kontakt Player.
  • 18 patches in total – one patch per cymbal.
  • 25 reverb IRs to choose including halls, chambers, cathedrals and a range of much more unusual ones.

The sample library is available for 19 EUR. VST Buzz users can use Rewards Points to get a discount on a purchase.

More information: VST Buzz