VST Cafe

VST Cafe has released the Greeg Novation V-Station Free Soundset, a collection of patches for the Novation V-Station.

Here it is, my first public released soundbank. It contains 16 Electronica / House / Electro Sounds for Novation V-Station softsynth.

To be honest, it was a quite tough lesson. I’ve learnt a lot not only about synth programming but also about overall process of creating soundbank :) Earlier, sure i had respect for all those synth programmers but strangely i thought that it’s much less time consuming process. I didn’t know that the more time you spend on synth programming, the better effect you want to reach. As a result you end up tweaking your sounds more and more :D Now i know that creating soundbanks is also about organizing your work / job / hobby :)

Check the VST Cafe for more information and a link to download the free soundset.