123Creative BeatBox Beast

123Creative has announced that the Beatbox Beast sample library in cooperation with VSTOFF is available as a free download.

This is your ultimate library for making Hip Hop, Trap, Dubstep and many genre´s beat, delivering a special Compresor and destructive Overdrive. Choose from the one-shot folders such as Kick and Snares (available in FREE version). Tweak the sound with the Angry Button and add compression with the perfect color.
Our Matrioska is really angry cause the artists we have recently worked on are young talented beat-boxers who are ready to fight on a freestyle battle when the mouth, the only weapon they are equipped.

Use the mouth

The origins of Matrioska can be found in Russia, East Europe. It can take few space if compressed in itself or it can expand the pieces and take a lot of space (in our case creativity and sound modulation). Matrioska is a magic circle starting with the first piece called “mother” and the last piece called “seed”. It is a symbol of unity, generosity and life. Generally made in wood, one of the five natural elements known in Chinese Medicine, the wood symbol is moving on the exterior (think outside the box)…

Beatbox Beast features

  • 2 Kontakt Instruments.
  • 150 Samples (80 Kicks, 73 Snares).
  • Recorded in 44.1kHz / 24bit.
  • Ready to drag and drop directly on any DAW and Music Projects.

Beatbox Beast is available for Kontakt 5.5.1 or higher (full version). The download includes Wav samples for use in other software.

More information: 123Creative / Beatbox Beast