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VSTunnel v1.5 has been released.

VSTunnel Plug-in behaves like an effect Plug-in. Simply place the Plug-in to the “Master Insert” of the sequencer. Instead of modifying the audio, like usual effects do, VSTunnel transmits your local production to all paticipants of a session. It also mixes the received audio so that it can be heard.

New in v1.5

  • Auto Time-stretching
    If session members work with different BPM settings, the plug-in automatically time-stretches the transmitted audio. Now the experience of making music in a group, especially for Newbies, is more care-free and less-technical.
  • Direct File Transfer
    Session members can exchange any kind of file via the plugin. Other file transfer programs , ie. email, FTP, etc. are no longer required. VSTunnel can do it all for you.
  • Automatic Jam Mode
    Jam mode is automatically switched on when the sequencer is not playing in a cycle as if the sequencer is already running in a cycle. The advantage?
    Easier handling and control of jamming. This is great feature for Newbies. In addition, it allows the use of stand-alone soft synth (ie. Bidule, etc).

Visit the VSTunnel website for more information and a link to download VSTunnel v1.5.