Following the recent All In One Babylon Presets bundle, W.A. Production has launched two more discounted presets collections.

All In One: InstaChord Presets bundles 12 expansion packs for the InstaChord MIDI plugin at over 90% off, priced only $9.90 USD.

Now you can get all of our presets all together for one low price, including Hardstyle presets, Psytrance presets, Future Bass presets, Synthwave presets, and many other genres. If you love and find inspiration in a variety of musical styles, then you need this bundle to unlock the full power of InstaChord. Be sure to get the All In One: InstaChord Presets bundle today to break through your musical boundaries!

All In One: Ascension Presets comprises 7 expansions for the Ascension virtual instrument at 50% off the regular price.

All in One: Ascension Presets from W. A. Production contains every preset we’ve ever made for our Ascension plugin, built for use in genres like Trance, Lofi Hip Hop, Dubstep, Trap, Future Bass, and much more. Be sure to download this incredible bundle today and get the most out of your Ascension synth!

More information: W.A. Production