W.A. Production has announced a new collection of presets for its Babylon software synthesizer.

Bass 2 for Babylon contains a selection of 80 fresh patches that aim to infuse your tracks with the kind of dynamic bass that defines and drives modern music.

Whether you’re crafting gritty hip-hop beats, driving techno rhythms, or explosive EDM anthems, this expansive preset pack, featuring 80 robust bass sounds, provides the essential range you need to define the low-end of your productions.

W. A. Production meticulously engineered each preset in Bass 2 for Babylon to ensure they offer the versatility and depth demanded by today’s diverse music scene. From deep and smooth to aggressive and distorted, each sound is tailored to help you make a significant impact, ensuring your tracks resonate with a potent, ground-shaking bass presence that captures and holds attention.

The soundset is on sale for the intro price of $10 USD for a limited time (regular $19.90 USD).

More information: W.A. Production / Bass 2 for Babylon