W.A. Production has announced the release of a new collection of presets for its InstaComposer MIDI plugin.

A fresh toolkit for composers and producers looking to create cinematic and inspiring orchestral music, the Epic Music 2 expansion contains 40 innovative presets that are perfect for creating epic soundtracks, film scores, and game music.

Whether you’re looking to create a powerful and dramatic opening theme or a soaring and emotive end credits track, Epic Music 2 for InstaComposer has everything you need. Our presets have been carefully crafted to provide you with a variety of inspiring and uplifting melodies that will transport your listeners to new heights.

InstaComposer is a powerful tool that makes it easy to create complex arrangements and orchestral compositions. And with Epic Music 2 for InstaComposer, you’ll be able to take full advantage of its capabilities to create unique and inspired tracks that stand out from the crowd.

Our presets have been inspired by some of the greatest composers in cinematic history, including Hans Zimmer, John Williams, and Howard Shore. With Epic Music 2 for InstaComposer, you’ll have access to the same types of sounds and textures that these legendary composers use to create their epic soundtracks.

The royalty free expansion is on sale for the intro price of $10 USD for a limited time only (regular $19.90 USD).

More information: W.A. Production