W.A. Production has released a new tempo-synced distortion effect plugin. Screamo features two resonant shelving filters that give a talk-box-like effect when used with restraint or full-on screamer when pushed hard.

WA Production Screamo

Sometimes the wildest ideas are the best and Screamo is proof… a crazy concept that just works! We’ve taken distortion to the next level by wrapping up several familiar ideas within one plugin, resulting in a talk-box / screamer hybrid that can groove along with your track.

Forget about complex audio routing and syncing up multiple LFOs. With Screamo that’s handled for you as half of the plugin interface features a dedicated waveform shaper which can modulate resonant filters, distortion and gain to add life to any audio.

Bring your bass lines out from the shadows with some subtle movement or make a synth line scream with in-your-face rhythmic overdrive – the choice is yours.

Screamo features

  • 25 Creative Presets for one-click transformations.
  • 3 Smear modes.
  • 3 Distortion types.
  • 5 Sync modulation wave shapes with adjustable start points.
  • Sync speed control with straight, triplet and dotted rhythms.
  • Real-time output level display and gain.
  • Full PDF Manual & Tutorial video.

Screamo is available on sale from W.A. Production and distributor Plugin Boutique at a 70% intro discount, priced at only $11.70 USD (regular $39 USD). The plugin is available in VST, AU and AAX formats.

The offer expires July 1st, 2019.