W.A. Production has introduced the Simplistic Audio Tools bundle, a collection of 4 audio plugins at a 75% discount.

Overcomplicating things unnecessarily in your productions can be a huge problem, and there’s nothing better than having a simple tool that does exactly what you need. That’s why we’ve selected 4 of our most straightforward yet powerful plugins and put them together in our new bundle, Simplistic Audio Tools!

The Simplistic Audio Tools bundle from W. A. Production contains 4 unique and easy-to-use plugins designed to help you create your best sounds ever. Use MIDIQ to generate sequences, then use Punchy Worm, Satyrus, and Zqueezer to give your sound added grit and unique flavor. Grab all 4 together for one great price today!

The bundle is available from W.A. Production and at distributor Plugin Boutique, priced only $40 USD until January 6th, 2022 (regular value $158.70 USD).

Owners of any plugin included in the bundle can upgrade for $30 USD.