W.A. Production has launched its new audio plugin Vocal Cleaner, an effect that features a de-noiser, de-esser, gate, and more.

WA Production Vocal Cleaner GUI

However hard you try, capturing a perfect vocal is an almost impossible task. Contending with plosives and pops, crackles and clicks, has driven many a producer to distraction. The first hurdle is getting your dry vocal track as pristine as possible and fixing all those troublesome little audio imperfections. This is way before you can even think about compression or reverb.

Vocal Cleaner puts your vocals through a rinse cycle, subtly taming harsh sibilance and removing intermittent noise. With simple threshold sliders and Amount dials for easy operation, this should be the first plugin in your vocal effects chain, taking the pain out of that initial stage of vocal processing. So load it into your DAW and get ready to really clean up.

Vocal Cleaner features

  • Easy to use clean up for all sorts of vocals.
  • 3 processing stages.
  • De-noise, De-ess & Noise Gate.
  • Bright, Normal & Dark optimisation modes.
  • Presence control.
  • Low and high pass filter.
  • Pop & click free bypass.
  • Responsive & CPU friendly.
  • Factory presets.
  • Full PDF Manual & Tutorial video.

Available in VST, AU and AAX plugin formats, Vocal Cleaner is on sale at W.A. Production and distributor Plugin Boutique for the intro price of $7.90 USD for a limited time (regular $39.90 USD).