W.A. Production has launched its new sample library Electronic FX & Impulses, a new “What About” series collection of sound effects.

Producers, mix engineers, and foley artists around the world all seem to agree — there’s nothing like the sound you get when working with real, analog electric currents. However, if you don’t have the budget for expensive analog gear, it can be difficult to get your hands on these kinds of FX. Well, at least it was until now!

What About: Electronic FX & Impulses from W. A. Production brings you a warm array of real, Organic FX designed on analog hardware. In addition, you’ll also receive a collection of Designed FX that keep the natural feel but have been processed by our team to be clean and production-ready. With a mix of 300 raw and processed electronic FX, this pack is sure to get you charged up for your next production. Be sure to download it today!

Electronic FX & Impulses features

  • 71 Long Designed FX.
  • 9 Designed Power Downs.
  • 8 Designed Power Ups.
  • 44 Organic Long Stable FX.
  • 59 Organic Long Unstable FX.
  • 19 Organic Power Downs.
  • 21 Organic Power Ups.
  • 35 Organic Quick Swells.
  • 34 Organic Slow Swells.

The pack is on sale for the intro sale of $6 USD for a limited time (regular $19.90 USD).

More information: W.A. Production