W.A. Production brings a collection of 300 sound fx with the release of its new sample pack Robotic & Transformers FX.

Cinematic SciFi and Technologic sounds require the most expert-level sound design techniques. Luckily for you, W.A. Production’s team of professionals is here to help!

What About: Robotic & Transformers FX contains more than 300 mind-bending sounds that will feel at home in any major action flick. Thundering Impacts, squelching Mutations, metallic Mechanics, and transformative transition FX are just some of the many sounds you’ll hear in this pack.

Robotic & Transformers FX features

  • 25 Impacts.
  • 30 Mechanics.
  • 100 Mutations.
  • 20 Power Downs.
  • 25 Power Ups.
  • 20 Rises.
  • 50 Robotics.
  • 30 Voices.
  • 40 Weapons.

The sample pack is available for the intro price of $8 USD for a limited time (regular $19.90 USD).

More information: W.A. Production