W.A. Production is offering discounts of up to 90% on its Sphere Series plugins, comprising a delay, compressor and multi-effect plugin.

W.A. Production has a smokin’ deal for you. The Sphere Series Bundle. Comprised of 3 audio plugin effects that put you in the driver’s seat. SphereComp, an approachable dual-mode compressor, SphereDelay, a multimode delay that offers more control than any other delay plugin, and SphereQuad, a lightweight multi-effects plugin that packs a powerful punch.

Our user-friendly and easy to navigate functionality allows you to approach effects processing with confidence and authority. The weightless design is easy on your CPU. Our results are second to none.

The Sphere Series Bundle is on sale for $19.90 USD. Individual plugins are $9.90 USD each, and owners of any Sphere Series plugin can upgrade to the bundle for $9.90 USD.

The promotion is available from Plugin Boutique and W.A. Production until July 14th, 2020.