W.A. Production has released updates for its MIDI processing plugins that help you play chords, chord progressions and melodies in a very simple way.

The update offers new user interface scaling options (100%/200%) for improved usability on a wider range of screen resolutions.

WA Production InstaScale MIDI processing plugin

With InstaChord you can find the chords that work well together and build a perfect chord progression for your next song with just a few clicks. You can transpose all the chords to any other key you want using the ‘transpose’ button. In addition to having access to chords and being able to set a progressions, one of the other great thing about Instachord is its playability.

InstaScale is a newly invented, scale oriented instrument with only 16 keys to play with. Unlike the standard keyboard instruments where each key can only play a single note, Instascale has a set of smart keys, each one capable of playing different notes. The new note will be based on the given scale, last note’s position and the action of the key assigned to it.

InstaChord and InstaScale (VST/AU) cost $69 USD each. InstaScale is still on sale at 80% off, priced at only $13.80 USD.

More information: W.A. Production