W.A. Production has launched a limited time promotion on the All In One: InstaComposer Presets bundle, offering over 80% off on a collection of 6 expansion packs for the InstaComposer MIDI generation plugin.

Ever since its release, creators of all kinds have loved our InstaComposer plugin. Whether you’re a skilled producer looking to improve your workflow and spark inspiration, or a beginner with limited music theory knowledge, InstaComposer is an incredible tool for you.

Over time, we’ve launched several InstaComposer expansions to help you create progressions and melodies catered to specific genres and get even more out of the plugin. Now, we’re excited to bring them all to you in one complete bundle — All In One: InstaComposer Presets from W. A. Production!

Priced only $24.90 USD instead of $125.50 USD, the bundle contains Melodic Arps, Tropical, Melodic Techno, Progressive Trance, Trance Melodies, Cinematic, and Oriental for InstaComposer.

The offer expires December 1st, 2022.

More information: W.A. Production