W.A. Production has announced the release of the StarterFXBundle, a collection of 16 plugins from Meldaproduction at a special price.

Our friends at Melda Production have some genuinely incredible plugins that we find innovative and valuable in our work. We’ve gone and picked 16 of our favorites that we think our customers will love and put them together in the brand new WAStarterFXBundle! This is the first time you can get a fantastic deal on a selection of Melda Production plugins from W. A. Production and we’re thrilled to be able to share them with you.

The WAStarterFXBundle contains 16 of the best Melda Production plugins that can help take your music production, mixing, and mastering to new heights. If you’re looking to give your sounds unique character and flavor, as well as fine-tune your mixes to be clean, powerful, and professional-quality, this incredible batch of plugins will undoubtedly help get you there!

The bundle comprises MLoudnessAnalyzer, MFreqShifter, MEqualizer, MCompressor, MCharmVerb, MBitFun, MAutoPitch, MAnalyzer, MStereoExpander, MSpectralPan, MSaturator, MRingModulator, MRecorder, MStereoScope, MWaveShaper, and MWaveFolder.

Priced only $24.90 USD, a purchase of the bundle includes extended licenses for each of the plugins, meaning the plugins will have a resizable GUI, sonograms, preset saving/loading, modulators, upsampling, and more.

More information: W.A. Production