Wahnsyn Ginger B VSTi

Wahnsyn is offering a free version of Ginger B as a Christmas present.

Ginger B is a 10 Slot Drum-Player VST plug-in. Each slot has various options for changing the sound to your liking.


  • 13 drumsets (1 set in this free version!)
  • 4 multisampled sets
  • reverb and delay (bpm sync) modules for each slot
  • phase, chorus and 3-band EQ effect for master
  • simple compression effect
  • ADR envelopes per slot
  • Tune and velocity per slot

Note: The free version comes with 1 drumset (Studio). If you like Ginger B, you can purchase the full version with 13 kits for 30 euros.

Visit Wahnsyn for more information.