Wahnsyn Twin-Tone

Wahnsyn has released Twin-Tone (German), a freeware SoundFont & sample player VST instrument for Windows PC.

Twin-Tone features

  • Sound sources: SF2 and WAV sound, mix the 2 original sounds with the output of the 2 filters so that you have in total 6 sources of sound.
  • Filter cutoff and resonance can be controlled with X/Y controller.
  • LFOs will run in sync with the DAW controlled by the quantize function. The quantize will not only accept standard values like 1/4 or 1/8 but also unusual ones like 7/25.
  • Tremelo and Vibrato effects, with ‘random’ function which will introduces an element of chance and irregularity in the effects.
  • EQ with a standard increase of 12db for higher frequences.

Twin-Tone is available as a freeware VST instrument for Windows, though you will have to register at Midi-Musiker in order to download it (registration is in German but easy to figure out).