Waldorf has announced the Tech Sound Bank for the Waldorf Q Series, and Best Of Both Worlds for Largo, Blowfeld and the Q Series.

Tech Sound bank from Gigaloops brings you a brand new set of presets for the Waldorf Q series.

These patches vary from atmospheric pads to razor sharp leads and plucked, percussive synths. Perfect for producers of Electro, House, Techno and more.

Tech Sound Bank features

  • 20 Bass Sounds.
  • 20 Plucked Sounds.
  • 20 Pad Sounds.
  • 20 Lead Sounds.
  • 20 FX Sounds.

Best Of Both Worlds is a soundset by Mystery Islands featuring 128 patches for Largo, Blofeld and the Q Series.

The soundset consists of leads, sequence sounds, plucks, basses and pads. Suitable for any kind of electronic dance music creations.

This soundset has been programmed carefully to sound nearly identical on Largo, Blofeld and the Q series. Some differences can be heard due to the slightly different parameter set and value range between the different synthesizers.

The soundsets are available to purchase for 30 EUR incl. VAT each.

More information: Waldorf