Wallander Instruments WIVI - Visual player/universal player software

Wallander Instruments has released the first instrument collection in the WIVI series, Brass 1 – Professional Edition.

Brass 1 – Professional Edition features

  • Universal player,
  • Full set of instruments: Trumpets, Tenor Trombones, French Horns and Tubas
  • Unlimited number of instruments per instance
  • Customizable instrument parameters
  • Customizable reverb
  • Easy integration with external reverbs
  • Sample rates: 6 – 384 kHz
  • Multiple environments
  • Multiple visual themes
  • Subscription to the update delivery service
  • For commercial use

Brass 1 - Professional Edition

Brass available for Windows VST, Mac AU and Mac VST and costs $599 US.

A trial version with a set of instruments and options is available for download.

Visit Wallander Instruments for more information.