Wallander Instruments Orchestral & Band Brass

Wallander Instruments has announced the release of Orchestral & Band Brass and Woodwinds & Saxophones, two new Standard Edition Collections.

Orchestral & Band Brass is our most extensive collection of brasswinds to date. It contains 64 modelled instruments, with mutes making up a total of 171 models.

The Woodwinds & Saxophones collection contains 105 modelled woodwinds, saxophones and recorders. Including the NEW recorder range and a selection of bonus instruments, such as Bassett Horns and Classical & Baroque Bassoons.

Both bundles include the WIVI Standard Edition for PC and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS).

Orchestral & Band Brass is available to purchase for $499 USD, Woodwinds & Saxophones is $399 USD. Various upgrades are available to registered WIVI users.

More information: Wallander Instruments