Wallander Instruments WI Guitar

Wallander Instruments has announced the release of WI Guitar, the first truly playable virtual acoustic guitar app for iOS.

Based on revolutionary patent-pending sample technology, WI Guitar has the dynamics and expressiveness of a real steel-stringed guitar, in high-quality stereo.

Unlike traditional guitar apps, in WI Guitar you can strum chords or pluck notes just as softly or as hardly as you like, with ultra-realism. Hooked up to loudspeakers, WI Guitar is the perfect replacement for a real guitar at the party, or even in a band. Use headphones to play your favorite songs on the guitar, or write songs, on the way to work, on the airplane and everywhere else.

WI Guitar is available to purchase for $19.99 USD. A free version with fewer chord options is also available.

More information: Wallander Instruments / WI Guitar