Wambox is a free online drum machine and beat resource for anyone interested in making or learning programmed drum grooves.

The basic drum machine includes over 30 drum kits, 40 screenshots of different rhythms, reverb, delay and some basic control settings. You can record beats using the pads or draw in notes on the grid with the sound and feel of an old school drum machine.

A project from Amped Studio CEO, Bil Bryant, a veteran drummer, sample producer/entrepreneur, the Wambox kits are from vintage drum machines and drum kits from his collection. The beat depictions can be scrolled next to the Drum Machine so you can see how to program the beat.

“I did not want preset rhythms because I think it´s important to draw in the notes so you can learn and understand the grid and rhythm.” says Bryant. “A simply designed virtual instrument with instant online accessibility is the best way to learn and have fun creating beats”, continues Bryant.

The rhythm screen shots are genre based like Bossa Nova and Reggaeton as well as beatbox grooves from iconic songs. “It´s really fun to have the rhythm example of “When Doves Cry” from Prince and load up the Linn Drum kit to hear how the beat should sound, it is awesome”. The drum machine can create up to 4 bars and the notes in the graph can be subtracted to create odd time signatures and there is an on-line manual to help.

There is no back end so there is no registration process and to save what you have made is a downloaded wav file ready to import it into your favorite DAW. “There is nothing like just going on-line and playing with an instrument and more kits and rhythms will be coming”, says Bryant.

WamBox is a web app for chromium-based browsers like Chrome and Edge and not fully functional on mobile.

More information: Wambox