Best Service has introduced Keepforest’s latest Kontakt Player-powered instrument library Watchkeeper, a comprehensive collection of percussion and clockwork samples for creating rhythmic and mechanical sounds across all genres.

Keepforest developed an engine that offers you a variety of options and parameters for fast and easily producing astounding rhythmic patterns. The Watchkeeper’s major objective is to provide users with a contemporary set of sound design tools right out of the box, avoiding the need for third-party plugins and maintaining a straightforward, uncluttered user interface.

When building complex synth patches or trailer rhythms from scratch, sound designers and composers frequently turn to the Watchkeeper instrument. It allows them to work with percussion, clock, and mechanism parts to create unique sounds. It fully eliminates the need to look elsewhere for rhythm loops or percussion one-shots due to its enormous collection of sounds and rhythm patterns.

Watchkeeper’s library is structured and organized clearly and intuitively, so your work can finally be fast and efficient. Within each folder you will find a handy set of patches, ranging from the basic ones to the complex layered sounds, covering all possible genres.

Watchkeeper features

  • 700+ NI Kontakt Patches.
  • 300+ NI Kontakt Multi-Patches.
  • 2,000+ Snapshots / 2,000+ Tones.
  • 3,100+ Custom rhythm presets.
  • FX Custom presets and 240+ FX Chains.
  • 1,300+ Loops and 800+ Oneshots.
  • WAV Folder – 6,100 Mastered Audio Files.
  • 170 Stem Folders.
  • 2,000+ Stem Loops.
  • The KSP module enables control of crucial engine parameters for creating variations in multipatch.
  • Round-robin recording capabilities.
  • Powerful sequencer with unlimited capabilities.
  • Randomize and fine-tune every crucial parameter of the sequence.
  • Ability to transform any sound with FX chains and innovative sample playback style.
  • User samples import.
  • Easy-to-use yet powerful layering system.
  • Large collection of MIDI with exports.

Watchkeeper is available at Best Service for the intro price of 379 EUR until May 8th, 2023 (regular 449 EUR).

More information: Keepforest