Wave Alchemy has announced its brand new Bassynth virtual synth instrument for cutting-edge bass sounds and incredibly-creative sound design.

Wave Alchemy Bassynth Perform Page

Wave Alchemy’s new Bassynth is a powerful bass instrument aimed at anyone after the best in bass: from deep, down and dirty analogue tones, to organic and evolving basslines for creative sound design. At its heart, Bassynth has a powerful hybrid engine fuelled by a pristine 10GB library of lovingly-recorded, multi-sampled sound sources, oscillators and rich and diverse wavetables.

Bassynth will deliver all your bass sounds – whether they be filthy analogue, gritty digital, massive modular, or authentic acoustic – all by way of a fantastically easy-to-use and modern interface. The synth features three main sections to create, perform and sequence amazing bass sounds.

Bassynth features

  • Layer up to four sound sources, oscillators or wavetables per Bassynth sound.
  • 800+ beautifully crafted multi-sampled sound sources.
  • 290 factory presets.
  • Dynamic Preset Browser and Sound Source Browser, each with three levels of Tag filtering to make finding sounds quick and easy (and Favourites list).
  • Clever XY Pad for morphing between macros and parameters to create complex movements and changes to the sound.
  • Six unique filter types available per voice / layer, each with multiple slope and pole settings, plus a dedicated high-pass filter per voice.
  • Seven Analogue modes that utilize up to 8 round robins per sound source.
  • Eight voices of Unison, per voice / layer, with detune, randomize, stereo spread and mix controls.
  • Dedicated Wavetable engine with 200+ scannable custom built wavetables, including multiple warp modes.
  • Polyrhythmic Motion Designer – Sequence anything via the macros for complex modulation. Each lane can have its own length and time signature, as well as randomization and much more.
  • Modular effects system. – Each of Bassynth’s 4 voices / layers has a customizable effects section, each with 6 inserts per voice, plus master and send effects..
  • Powerful Drag and Drop macro system. Any 8 parameters can be assigned to each macro, and and up to 8 macros.
  • Mix page with send effects, visual volume meters and stereo widening effects.
  • Tone page with smart EQ (another XY Pad), saturation and Lo-Fi.

Bassynth for Kontakt and the free Kontakt Player is available for the intro price of £119.95 GBP until September 30th, 2019. The regular price is £149.95 GBP.

More information: Wave Alchemy

Wave Alchemy Bassynth Engine Page
Wave Alchemy Bassynth Tone Page
Wave Alchemy Bassynth Mix Page