Wave Alchemy has released Drum Machines 02, a bundle of three micro series packs.

Drum Machines 02 bundles together three of Wave Alchemy’s popular micro series packs – 808 Drums, 909 Drums and Drum Fire and offers them at a reduced price of £24.99 (saving you £5!)

Offering over 1500 expertly recorded drum samples, Drum Machines 02 delves deep into the circuitry of the legendary TR-808, TR-909 and lesser-known Drum Fire DF-2000 and MFB Schlagzwerg Drum Machines.

Each Drum sample has undergone a careful recording process using a unique, high-end signal chain to capture the depth and character of the original devices. Further outboard processing, precision editing and creative sample layering brings these classic machines firmly into the present giving you a “modern take on a classic sound”.

In true wave alchemy style each unit has been lovingly sampled with great care taken to capture the tone of the equipment used. All drum samples have been recorded through an API 512 pre-amp with many of the sounds featuring different saturation settings from outboard devices such as the Cranesong Hedd, Empirical Labs Fatso, Distressor and Thermionic Culture Vulture.

Drum Machines 02 is ideal for producers of house, techno, hip-hop, minimal, down tempo and everything in-between.

Drum Machines 02 features

  • 1,513 24-bit 100% royalty free analogue drum hits.
  • 560 Roland Tr-808 drum samples.
  • 435 Roland Tr-909 drum samples.
  • 349 MFB Schlagzwerg drum samples.
  • 169 Drumfire DF-2000 drum samples.
  • A professionally dithered 16-bit version of the full library for hardware sampler enthusiasts.

Drum Machines 02 is available to purchase for £24.99 GBP.

More information: Wave Alchemy