Wave Alchemy has announced the release of Transistor Revolution, a drum machine sound library for Kontakt Player.

Is it possible to accurately recreate the sound of a vintage analogue drum machine in a software plugin? nearly 2 years ago we started out on a journey to find out…

After gravitating towards the most influential drum machines ever created (namely the TR-808 and TR-909) we soon discovered the extreme depth of focus needed to faithfully capture the tone, immediacy and groove of the original instruments.

2 years on, after a lot of research and development (and 22,000 samples later) we arrived at what we believe to be the most accurate emulation of these classic drum machines ever created… Transistor Revolution, our virtual analogue drum machine inspired by the classic TR-808 and TR-909 electronic drum machines of the 1980’s.

Wave Alchemy Transistor Revolution

The instrument aims to be the most authentic software re-creation of the iconic TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines ever made.

Transistor Revolution features

  • Available in Standalone, VST, AU and RTAS instrument formats for Windows and Mac OS X via the free Kontakt Player from Native Instruments. Full version of Kontakt is NOT required.
  • Intuitive GUI design faithful to the original TR-808 and TR-909 front panel layouts.
  • Recreate every nuance of the original analog drum machines or define your own unique sound using the worlds most advanced sampling engine, Kontakt 5.
  • Contains over 22,000 unique samples which have been carefully edited and calibrated for tight synchronisation and playback.
  • Smoothly scan through thousands of multilayered samples with the turn of a single knob and play sounds which were once only tied to analog knobs and circuits live in realtime using velocity and controller data.
  • All sounds have been meticulously recorded at 24-bit 96 kHz through mastering grade AD converters.
  • High quality effects including; EQ, Compression, Tape Saturation, Transient Shaping, Filters and Bit Crushing allow for premium sound shaping of the pure analogue samples with a re-routable signal chain. •Switchable playback modes between fully analogue and digital sampling emulations of the MPC60 and SP1200 drum samplers
  • Designed for both production and live performance. Live drummers looking to integrate 808 and 909 drums into their performances can do so effortlessly with MIDI learn and full velocity/ MIDI CC control.
  • Adjustable output noise amount/level control for each drum sound, multi-sampled from each individual output of the original instrument/s.
  • Calibrate the peak output level of Transistor Revolution per drum module for easy integration with analog mixing consoles and outboard gear.
  • Mix and match sound sources between both Revolution-808 and Revolution-909 to create your dream analog drum machine or use an unlimited amount of modules in a single instrument.
  • 6GB in size after unpacked.

Transistor Revolution is currently available at a special introductory price of £59.95 GBP until January 15th, 2012 (regular £69.95 GBP).

More information: Wave Alchemy