Wave Arts

Wave Arts has updated its Power Suite/Master Restoration Suite and Dialog/Tube Saturator effect plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

Changes in Wave Arts plugins

  • MAS versions are now 64-bit compatible (will work in Digital Performer 8 ONLY).
  • Restored missing HRTF options in Panorama.
  • Fixed RTAS pops when starting transport (Tube Saturator).
  • Fixed TrackPlug black GUI/crashes in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed TrackPlug AU audio problem in Digital Performer.
  • Potential crash using Panorama at 88.2K sample rate.
  • Fixed minor Dialog rendering glitches.
  • Moved some Cocoa GUI code to common framework to clean up warning messages in Console (Mac).
  • Master Restoration Windows installer fixes.

More information: Wave Arts