Waveform Recordings Classic House 2

Waveform Recordings has released Classic House 2, a new sample library for house music production.

570MB of funky, tribal-infused drum workouts, deep music loops, slinky tops and organic percussion, crate-dug vox, FX beds rooted with classic house aesthetics and optimised for contemporary club systems.

Paying homage to the house originators and innovators of yesteryear, Waveform deliver a second volume of their chart- storming Classic House packed with intricate grooves, raw music loops, live percussion, glitched vox, stripped tops, hazy ambiences and a stunning one-shot selection bursting with kicks, hats, snares, claps, percussion, synth stabs and bass shots.

Using every ounce of their house music knowledge and experience the Waveform team have produced another authentic house odyssey of classic elements re-worked for the cutting-edge dancefloor.

Classic House 2 is available to purchase from Sounds To Sample for 26.49 EUR.

More information: Sounds To Sample