Wavelore Instruments Glide

Wavelore Instruments has updated its GLIDE: Resonator Slide Guitar sample library for Kontakt to version 1.1.

Now updated to version 1.1, the breakthrough virtual resonator slide guitar for Native Instruments’ Kontakt 4 and higher – GLIDE emulates all the subtle nuances of a real resonator guitar using advanced KSP scripting and Wavelore’s trademark round-robin sampling and impulse response recording.

Combining features like pitch and vibrato humanization, formant corrected portamento, pick noises, slide/vibrato scratches, true legato, release samples of multiple types, and an onboard phrase sequencer, Wavelore GLIDE conquers the task of easily and accurately playing convincing slide guitar phrases without sacrificing flexibility.

Changes in Glide v1.1

  • Added Nudge Feature: Selected notes are nudged left or right by holding CTL while clicking “terminates” (< -X), and "lasts forever" (X->), respectively. Nudging amount is set using the snap grid.
  • Added velocity controls page. Now you can click on the bridge of the guitar to specify the minimum and maximum volumes for each articulation as determined by velocity. There are also band-reject filters included that reduce the extra bass effect when playing closer to the bridge + buzzy samples. The result is a smoother velocity response across the range of the instruments’ articulations.
  • Added Sustain Pedal Behavior Page: Now you can set the sustain pedal (CC#64) to perform a variety of tasks.
  • Added new factory banks/presets: As before, bank presets ascend from F4 upward, and patch keyswitches descend from F#2 downward, both in a logical progression through various options.
  • Fixed IR loading issue caused by re-naming of IR directory in version 1.0
  • Fixed a problem where engaging a keyswitch while a note in the playing range was held would result in improperly triggered patterns.
  • Fixed problem where release samples triggered after a pull-off would trigger at inconsistent volumes.
  • Fixed a problem where playing the keyboard after stopping playback mid-note in MOTU Digital Performer would not trigger sequences correctly.
  • Updated documentation.

The Glide sample library is available to purchase for $149.99 USD until May 31st, 2012 (regular $299.99 USD).

More information: Wavelore Instruments / Glide