WaveMachine Labs iGOG

WaveMachine Labs has released iGOG, a drum machine app for the Apple iPhone / iPod Touch.

iGOG uses WaveMachine Labs own patent-pending VelAUcity technology to accurately measure how hard the pads are hit and dynamically respond. iGOG’s drum sounds are based on Drumagog — it plays standard Drumagog files, providing up to 384 multisamples per drum. iGOG also features a mic trigger mode which works like Drumagog, allowing you to trigger drum sounds using the iPhone’s built-in mic. Just tap your desk and iGOG turns it into a drumkit.

iGOG for iPhone features

  • VelAUcity – iGOG’s proprietary VelAUcity technology does the unthinkable and turns the iPhone’s screen into touch sensitive drum pads. Play loud, play soft, or play a full-blown crescendo on a crash cymbal, iGOG will capture every nuance of your performance. Just plug in your headphones and start playing. NOTE: VelAUcity is only available on iPhone devices. if you’re using an iPod Touch, VelAUcity is disabled.
  • Multi Samples – iGOG uses Drumagog’s powerful playback engine to create life-like drum sounds. Each drum pad can contain up to several hundred samples, each recorded at various dynamic levels. Tap the snare pad gently and iGOG responds with a softly played snare.
  • Sequencer – iGOG’s sequencer allows you to record midi sequences, which can be played back either within iGOG or exported to your computer. iGOG can also import standard midi files.
  • File Management – iGOG features a Mixdown mode, which creates a .wav file of the sequence you’ve recorded. File Transfer allows you to move files back and forth from iGOG and your computer. iGOG allows you to record drum parts in perfect sync to an mp3 file.
  • Mic Trigger Mode – In this mode, you can play drums simply by striking other objects (a table, your knee, etc.).
  • Multi-Positional Pads – iGOG’s Multi-Positional Pads allow hi-hats and cymbals to shine. Alternate between open hats, closed hats, or even hit a semi-open hi-hat. Play the ride cymbal and work your way from the edge to the bell, iGOG will capture every nuance.
  • Additional Kits – iGOG features a Kit Store which allows you to purchase additional kits.

iGOG is available for purchase from the iTunes App Store for $4.99 USD.

More information: WaveMachine Labs / iGOG