WaveMachine Labs Percussion eXtras

WaveMachine Labs has released Percussion eXtras, a GOG-formatted collection of percussion instruments from around the world.

Use them as stand-alone replacement sounds, or mix them with your existing drums for unique sonic combinations. From delicate triangles to the thunderous low-end of an 18″ Djembe, Percussion eXtras offers new artistic flavors to the Drumagog user.

Percussion eXtras features

  • 44 total GOG files.
  • 78 different Positional Groups.
  • 1600 individual samples.
  • Instruments include: Agogo Bells with wood and metal beaters, Bendir, Bodhran, Bongos (with hands, mallets, and sticks), Brake Disk, Clave, Congas, Cowbells, Djembes, Darbuka, Doumbek, Jam Blocks, Shakers, Sleigh Bells, Tambourines, Tar, Timbales, Triangle, Tube Cajons, Wood Block.
  • All sounds performed, recorded, and edited by John Emrich.
  • Recorded with API and ATI preamps, using microphones from Violet, Nevaton, Sennheiser, and Telefunken.

Percussion eXtras is available for download now for $59.95 USD.

Visit the Drumagog website for more information and some audio demos.