Wavemark has announced the release of WTAutomixer V2, an update to the multi channel gain sharing Automixer with integrated multi-channel leveler for Windows and Mac.

Automixer automatically turns down the non active microphones while Leveler rides the active microphone levels to the desired target threshold within the target range, making the plug-in ideal for live streams, post editing, talk shows or for any application that requires the use of multiple microphones. WTAutomixer V2 offers new features such as DAW automation, ducker and automixer noise gate.

After a one year since the launch of WTAutomixer V1, we are really excited to get this new version of the plugin out. There are so many new features and improvements to the plugin that already is very popular around the globe.

WTAutomixer V2 features

  • Automixing of up to 16 channels, mono or stereo.
  • Autoleveling of up to 16 channels, mono or stereo.
  • Ducker that automatically fades in/out background music or ambient tracks.
  • Automixer Noise Gate to reduce unwanted background noise.
  • DAW Automation to speed up post editing.

Available in VST, AU and AAX plugin formats, WTAutomixer V2 is priced $160 USD. The update is free of charge for existing customers of WTAutomixer.

More information: Wavemark