Waves Audio has announced the release of its brand new Magma series plugin BB Tubes, an original-design analog tube saturation effect that aims to deliver analog sound, attitude and simplicity.

Once you start using BB Tubes on your drums, vocals, guitars, bass, synths, mix bus and absolutely everything, it’s hard to go back. Incredible tones are simple to dial in without overthinking, and parts will simply feel “finished” in the mix far quicker than before.

BB Tubes will also give you incredibly LOUD mixes. The soft clipping of the tubes brings down transient peak levels, while dramatically increasing perceived loudness. You’ll get a much louder mix before it starts digital clipping.

You also have options for a pre and post hi-shelf EQ, transformer in/out, bass relief – which removes the low frequencies from the side-chain input, a sensitivity control – which lets you choose the point at which you hit the tubes, a dry/wet knob and output gain.

BB Tubes features

  • Huge-sounding tube saturation.
  • Beauty knob perfect for delicate harmonic saturation.
  • Beast knob for extreme & aggressive in-your-face distortion.
  • Cascade & combine BEAUTY & BEAST knobs for an exceptional range of tones.
  • Incredible results on any instrument or vocal.
  • Tube soft clipping creates extremely loud mixes, quickly.
  • Includes pre and post hi-shelf EQ, bass relief, mix knob, more.
  • Includes a license for Lil Tube, which is installed with BB Tube.

Regularly priced $149 USD, BB Tunes for Windows and Mac (VST/VST3, AU and AAX) is on sale for $24.99 USD during the Cyber Monday Sale, in which plugins and bundles are available at their lowest prices ever.

More information: Waves Audio / BB Tubes