Waves Audio has announced the release of the all-new StudioRack plugin chainer, enhanced with new features including parallel processing racks, multiband split racks, and quick-access macros to create your own ‘custom plugins.’

Thinking in terms of chains – not individual processors – is a hallmark of the best producers and engineers. The all-new Waves StudioRack finally places the full power of plugin chain creation in your hands.

StudioRack allows you to build intricate chains of up to 8 plugins from just one DAW insert – and save them for instant recall. But this is just the beginning.

New in StudioRack

  • 8 macros per chain to create your own ‘custom plugins’.
  • Easy parallel processing with mono, stereo & M/S parallel racks.
  • Turn any plugin into multiband with multiband split racks.
  • Easy plugin search.
  • Floating plugin windows for convenient plugin control.
  • Over 170 presets for complete plugin chains.
  • Waves V11 compatible.
  • Optional: Offload your plugin processing to a SoundGrid server.

StudioRack is a free download in VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats.

Also available is the new SoundGrid Studio, software for your SoundGrid audio processing system that allows you to record and monitor with plugins in real time.

To capture your best performances and perfect your productions, you can’t let latency or CPU limits turn off your creativity. With SoundGrid at the heart of your studio, you can record and monitor with plugins in real time, mix plugin-rich sessions, and collaborate more easily with other musicians, producers and engineers.

SoundGrid Studio is the software controlling your SoundGrid-powered system for real-time processing and networking. It includes the SoundGrid Studio control panel and the eMotion ST studio mixer.

The latest version of SoundGrid Studio adds many new exciting features to your studio:

  • Build sessions of any size quickly and easily, via a new layered interface that can replace your hardware-based monitor management system.
  • Cross-check your mixes quickly across multiple sets of studio monitors, using the all-new customizable control room section.
  • Empower musicians to record their best takes by sending them multiple personalized headphone mixes, simultaneously, with the ability to customize their monitor mixes with a click of a button.
  • Set up and manage all software and hardware components in your SoundGrid network using SoundGrid Studio’s new automatic device recognition and mapping capabilities.

More information: Waves Audio