Waves Audio has announced the release of a revolutionary AI-powered noise removal plugin for vocals. Clarity Vx helps you save any vocal or voice recording from unwanted ambience and noise, instantly.

Clarity Vx is the highest-quality AND fastest way to clean any vocal or voice recording – whether in music production or in video, podcasting, etc.

Clarity Vx combines top quality and simplicity thanks to Waves’ new groundbreaking AI technology, Waves Neural Networks. The plugin knows to identify voice and separate it cleanly from even the harshest ambient/background noises: AC noise, computer fan noise, traffic noise – you name it, anything that might ruin an otherwise perfect vocal or voice recording.

All you need to do is turn the one big knob clockwise. The result is fast and at the highest fidelity: no artifacts, no damage to the source. Try it for yourself, on your worst vocal or voice recordings!

The bigger, more advanced version of Clarity Vx has the exact same Waves Neural Networks engine, with the exact same audio fidelity, but it adds advanced features such as ambience separation and multiband controls.

Clarity Vx Pro is intended for audio professionals in all fields, including music producers and engineers, but it is especially revolutionary for dialog post-production in film, video and broadcast.

Clarity Vx Pro cleans voice/dialog at the highest pro-grade quality – with no artifacts, no damage to the voice – AND at a fraction of the time compared to other tools on the market. It works in real time inside your DAW, and is fully automatable – without the need to render tracks outside of your DAW, without multiple modules, and without destructive processing. This enables post engineers to clean dialog and remove noise in real time, as they’re watching the film or video they’re working on.

Clarity Vx Pro adds many advanced features, on top of what you’ll find in Clarity Vx, including:

  • Ambience separation: The main knob can not only separate voice from noise – but also vice versa, remove the voice and leave just the ambience noise – great for ambience-matching tasks.
  • Advanced multiband controls: 4 bands, each with separate solo and delta controls, pure gain knob with infinite Q; and more – everything you need for surgical enhancement in specific frequency zones.
  • Many more advanced features: VCA control, Reflections control to preserve natural room reverb, Voice-sensitive gating, mono/stereo width control and much more.

Clarity Vx is on sale for $29.99 USD (regular $149 USD), while Clarity Vx Pro is $249 USD for a limited time (regular $799 USD).

More information: Waves Audio