Waves Audio has revealed its 2021 Black Friday free plugin. Lofi Space is a lofi-style reverb and delay plugin that lets you add beautiful saturated echoes and bold analog reverbs, perfect for those attention-grabbing ear candy moments.

With bright saturated delay and two flavors of analog-based spring and plate reverb, Lofi Space lets you add splashes of vintage ‘verb color and bold analog echo to your tracks. Instantly, without tweaking, you can create deep, gorgeous lofi-tinged effects, suited for any production in need of that vintage touch.

Above all else, Lofi Space brings you character. It’s the effect you’ll be reaching for when you want to stop being polite with your sound – when you want a lofi-inspired signature ‘wow’ sound that delivers a bold statement in your production.

Lofi Space features

  • Lofi-style reverb and delay plugin.
  • Two analog reverb flavors: Spring and Plate.
  • Saturated echo synced to BPM, host, or milliseconds.
  • Adjustable echo feedback.
  • Stereo ping-pong toggle for the delay.
  • Individual on/off for the reverb and the delay.
  • Stereo field slimmer for a more vintage sound.
  • Mix knob with lock-mode for safe mixing.

Regularly $99 USD, the plugin is free to download today as part of Waves Audio’s Black Friday promotion.

More information: Waves Audio