Waves Audio has announced the availability of the Cloud MX Audio Mixer, a 100% cloud-based audio mixer with superior sound quality for cloud broadcast environments.

Broadcasters and media organizations can now add state-of-the-art audio mixing and processing to their flexible professional cloud-based workflows. The Waves Cloud MX Audio Mixer is powered by a cloud-based version of Waves’ double-precision, 32-bit-floating-point eMotion LV1 mix engine, and augmented by Waves’ industry-leading arsenal of audio plugins.

Waves Cloud MX makes it easy to scale productions with any number of audio mixers, without the operational costs involved in shipping, maintaining or scheduling on-premise gear and personnel. It fits cleanly into NDI®-based environments, supporting easy patching and routing of NDI® audio streams, and is easily deployed on AWS, making integration with your cloud production systems a breeze.

Waves Cloud MX Audio Mixer is available now, starting from $750 USD/month.

More information: Waves Audio