Waves Audio has announced the release of a new vocal harmony generator, layering tool and creative FX plugin that is simple, fun, and playable in the studio and on stage.

Waves Harmony allows users – including those without complex knowledge of music theory – to harmonize a single vocal track in real-time, with up to 8 rich and beautiful voices.

The plugin can also be utilized as an in-depth creative vocal FX palette in any production or mix. It is capable of quickly creating thick vocal stacks and exceptional doubling effects, as well as complex delay arrays, creative voicings, modulated melodies, and sequencing.

Take a solo vocal, and immediately surround it with epic multi-part harmonies, spread among low and high, male and female (yes, you can transform any voice), light and heavy. In seconds, audition Kanye, Jacob Collier, Ty Dolla $ign and Imogen Heap-style sounds in your song. Better yet – perform them live in real-time.

Harmony features

  • Real-time vocal harmony plugin.
  • Instant generation of up to 8 voices from a single vocal.
  • Adjust pitch, formant, panning, delay, filtering, modulation of each voice.
  • 3 workflow modes: Automatic harmonies, MIDI control, graphical mode.
  • Perfect for the studio and performing on stage.
  • Powerful vocal FX playground for harmonization, doubling, layering, modulated FX.
  • Includes more than 450 factory and artist presets.

Waves Harmony is on sale for an intro price of $39.99 USD for a limited time.

More information: Waves Audio / Harmony