Waves has announced that its PS22 Stereo Maker effect plug-in is now available in Native formats.

Waves PS22

PS22 StereoMaker is a set of tools for creating convincing stereo results from mono source material as well as a set of true stereo-in/stereo-out processing tools for synthesizing a richer stereo effect from existing stereo material.

It is far more than merely another “pseudostereo” effect. It is a mixdown and remastering tool capable of producing subtle or dramatic stereo effects of a kind and quality previously impossible – something that will become an essential tool in everyday stereo production of all kinds.

The idea of synthesizing a fake stereo effect from mono sources is a very old one, but the results have usually been disappointing and very often virtually unlistenable, giving unpleasant and unconvincing results. StereoMaker’s tools are unique, and have been designed after decades of research to avoid the problems of previous processes.

PS22 features

  • 3 components: PS22-Spread, PS22-Split, and PS22-XSplit.
  • Psycho-acoustic spatial enhancement and phase-compensation.
  • Retains mono compatibility.
  • Preserves original frequency response.
  • Left/right or MS meter monitoring.
  • Up to 24bit 192kHz resolution.
  • Mono-to-Stereo and Stereo components.
  • PC and Mac compatible.

PS22 Native is available to purchase for $99 USD. The plug-in is free to users of selected Waves bundles.

More information: Waves / PS22