Waves has released version V7r10 of the installers for Version 7 of its plug-in range.

Changes in Waves V7r10 installers

  • SuperTap: Modulation now works in TDM.
  • SuperTap: Snap-to-grid feature now works in VST3.
  • CLA-2A, CLA-3A & CLA-76: Attenuation meter no longer shows full attenuation when playback is stopped (on some hosts).
  • V-Comp: Attenuation meter no longer shows -20dB attenuation when playback is stopped (on some hosts).
  • JJP Drums: On Kick In and Snare Top modes, the gate no longer continues to work when set to minimum.
  • Renaissance Compressor & Renaissance Axx: Meters are now calibrated.
  • Vocal Rider: No longer stops reading automation when changing controllers value.
  • Center, LoAir, PuigTec & WNS: added support for SoundGrid.
  • SoundShifter (Parametric/AudioSuite): No longer crashes when double clicking controls multiple times.
  • SoundShifter (Parametric/AudioSuite): Text entry functionality corrected.
  • GTR Stomp 2/4/6: Loading and exiting stomp menu no longer resets stomps to default value.
  • [Mac] RTAS support for Avid Media Composer (added functionality).
  • [Mac] Waves GTR Solo Authorizer: GTR Solo authorizer 7.1 no longer looks for GTRSoloLib 7.0.
  • [Mac] Digital Performer: Plugin sidechain no longer stops working when playback is stopped.

The Waves V7r10 installers are now available to download. These new installers do not require new authorizations; they will uninstall all previously installed V7 plugins.

More information: Waves