Wavesfactory has announced the release of 2Ebow, an ebow sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

The EBow is a hand-held, battery-powered electronic device for playing the electric guitar, invented by Greg Heet in 1969. Instead of having the strings hit by the fingers or a pick, they are moved by the electromagnetic field created by the device, producing a sound reminiscent of using a bow on the strings.

We sampled sustain and release notes from 2 guitars, acoustic and electric, using an ebow. With this instrument you can achieve a wide range of sounds because of its built in effects controllable directly from the GUI (rendered in 3D).

Wavesfactory 2Ebow

Wavesfactory 2Ebow for NI Kontakt (Acoustic).

2Ebow features

  • Ebow, with acoustic and electric guitars sampled.
  • Includes sustain and release samples.
  • WAV files (44.1 KHz/24 bit).
  • Custom script with 3D GUI and built-in effects.
  • 25 impulse responses.
  • Pads, textures and melodies.
  • For Kontakt 4.2.3. Full version of Kontakt required. Kontakt Player will run in demo mode.
  • 210 Mb installed.

The sample library is available for 14.95 EUR.

More information: Wavesfactory